Fract OSC Achievement List

Linear Slope Linear Slope
A forgotten dig site
Tunnel vision Tunnel vision
A telling dead end
Pulling a Shaw Pulling a Shaw
A crystal crevasse
Heading in for winter Heading in for winter
A crystal den
No turning back now No turning back now
A dome from the past
Alternate Route 00FFDD Alternate Route 00FFDD
Fly over the dig
Alternate Route FF0084 Alternate Route FF0084
Fly behind the mountain
Alternate Route 4FFF00 Alternate Route 4FFF00
Fly through the wreckage
Patch point Patch point
A high mountain vault
Leap of faith Leap of faith
A brave basin drop
The drop The drop
A vital dam plunge
Leave no stone unturned Leave no stone unturned
All the choir is here
Dropping the beat Dropping the beat
A potent kit indeed
Melodic Memory Melodic Memory
Remember my song
Synthesis Synthesis
Commited to a wave
Sharing is caring Sharing is caring
A series of tubes
CLU hunter CLU hunter
Modulation memory