FourChords Guitar Karaoke Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Play three songs
Justin Time Justin Time
Watch a Justin chord video
One String One String
Play a song with one string method
Learn Em Learn Em
Play 5 songs with Em chord
Learn E Learn E
Play 5 songs with E chord
Rock Amateur Rock Amateur
Play 5 Rock songs
Pop Amateur Pop Amateur
Play 5 Pop songs
Country Amateur Country Amateur
Play 5 Country songs
Practice! Practice!
Play 20 songs
Justin Scholar Justin Scholar
Watch 5 Justin chord videos
Night Owl Night Owl
Play 5 songs between 10pm and 2am
Early Bird Early Bird
Play 5 songs between 5am and 9am
Learn A Learn A
Play 5 songs with A chord
Learn Am Learn Am
Play 5 songs with Am chord
Learn D Learn D
Play 5 songs with D chord
Learn Dm Learn Dm
Play 5 songs with Dm chord
Learn C Learn C
Play 5 songs with C chord
Rock Star Rock Star
Play 15 Rock songs
Pop Star Pop Star
Play 15 Pop songs
Country Stars Country Stars
Play 15 Country songs
Guitar Master Guitar Master
Play 100 songs
Guitar Legend! Guitar Legend!
Play 500 songs
Learn G Learn G
Play 5 songs with G chord
Learn B Learn B
Play 5 songs with B chord
Learn Bm Learn Bm
Play 5 songs with Bm chord
Learn F Learn F
Play 5 songs with F chord
Rock Legend Rock Legend
Play 50 Rock songs
Pop Legend Pop Legend
Play 50 Pop songs
Country Legend Country Legend
Play 50 Country songs