FOTONICA Achievement List

Agone Agone
Complete a multiplayer run.
Apprentice Apprentice
Complete one level.
Control Control
Reach gold speed twice in an endless level
Eternal Mind Eternal Mind
Reach a new state of consciousness
Golden Gun Golden Gun
Stay in gold for more than 60s
Golden Sage Golden Sage
Get over 10000pts on each level.
Iron Mask Iron Mask
Prove your face indestructible.
Killer Run Killer Run
Get over 10000pts on any level.
Last Station Last Station
Complete all levels on all difficulties.
Light Speed Light Speed
Run with a speed over 100m/s.
Love Pills Love Pills
Collect more than 999 total dots.
Minimalist Minimalist
Play FOTONICA without distractions.
Perversion Perversion
Complete a level with alternate controls.
Pink Daisy Pink Daisy
Collect a column of dots.
Random Mind Random Mind
Get over 25000pts in an endless level.
Silent Sage Silent Sage
Complete every level, any difficulty.
Terminal Terminal
Complete everything.
The Farmer The Farmer
Listen to the sounds of nature.
Unspoken Runner Unspoken Runner
Run more than 1000000m.
Well Done Well Done
Complete the tutorial.