Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre Achievement List

Junior Brain Surgeon Junior Brain Surgeon
Make 50 enemy headshots
Aspirant Brain Surgeon Aspirant Brain Surgeon
Make 250 enemy headshots
Expert Brain Surgeon Expert Brain Surgeon
Make 1000 enemy headshots
Ass Clown Ass Clown
Honk your clowns nose 500 times.
BunnyHop BunnyHop
Wear the BunnyEars and jump 500 times.
Foursome Foursome
Host a 4 player game
Picknicker Picknicker
Win a domination game.
Treesome Treesome
Host a 3 player game
Tough Guy Tough Guy
Finish a game in EXTREME
Lost a FB Friend Lost a FB Friend
Kill 100 players
Everybody hates you now Everybody hates you now
Kill 250 players
Playing with matches Playing with matches
Make 25 fueltanks explode
Fire Starter Fire Starter
Make 100 fueltanks explode
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Make 250 fueltanks explode
Tastes like chicken Tastes like chicken
Shoot 7 peacedoves
Peace Killer Peace Killer
Shoot 30 peacedoves
When the doves cry.. When the doves cry..
Shoot 69 peacedoves
Fish Filet Fish Filet
Blow up 25 dolphins
Danish Cuisine Danish Cuisine
Blow up 100
Red Sea Red Sea
Blow up 250 dolphins
Blood and sand Blood and sand
Snipe 25 prairydogs
Sandy meat Sandy meat
Snipe 100 prairydogs
Red dog extinction Red dog extinction
Snipe 250 prairydogs
Trick or treat.. Trick or treat..
Pop 25 pumpkins
Carve-O-Rama Carve-O-Rama
Pop 100 pumpkins
Happy Halloween Happy Halloween
Pop 250 pumpkins
Ghoul Ghoul
Break 25 tombstones
Tomb Tumbler Tomb Tumbler
Break 100 tombstones
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Break 250 tombstones
The helping hand The helping hand
Shoot off 25 zombie limbs
Put your arms around me Put your arms around me
Shoot off 100 zombie limbs
Mr. Amputator Mr. Amputator
Shoot off 250 zombie limbs
Knock on wood Knock on wood
Break 25 wooden boards
Woodpecker Woodpecker
Break 100 wooden boards
Carpenter Carpenter
Break 250 wooden boards
Keeping it running Keeping it running
Start the Generator 25 times
Hanging round the generator Hanging round the generator
Start the Generator 50 times
The big turn on The big turn on
Start the Generator 100 times
Keep em comming Keep em comming
Kill 25 zombies
The more the merrier The more the merrier
Kill 250 zombies
Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer
Kill 1000 zombies
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Kill the ghost on time