Force of Elements Achievement List

Champion of Acharos Champion of Acharos
Win 20 Battles.
Undefeated Undefeated
Win 5 battles in a row.
Slayer Slayer
Deal 12,000 damage to opponents.
Auramancer Auramancer
Play a game with 5 different auras.
Power Broker Power Broker
Create 500 Power Gems by matching gems.
Skyreach Tailor Skyreach Tailor
Own 1 additional hero skin.
Elementalist Elementalist
Create 50 Amplifier Gems by matching gems.
Goblin Sapper Goblin Sapper
Create 50 Bombs.
Disciple of Argus Disciple of Argus
Make 100,000 gem matches.
Tactician Tactician
Play 10 games in Moves mode.
Mercenary Mercenary
Play 10 games in Timed mode.
Veteran Veteran
Play 100 games in any mode.
Duelist Duelist
Battle a friend in a direct challenge game.
Artificer Artificer
Purchase a Level 2 Aura.
Skyreach Guardian Skyreach Guardian
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Ki.
Sun Falcon Champion Sun Falcon Champion
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Sol.
Sangorn Paragon Sangorn Paragon
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Sir Vaskos.
Dark Avenger Dark Avenger
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Tarkin.
Grey Wastes Scion Grey Wastes Scion
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Phasmus.
Swamp Defender Swamp Defender
Reach Mastery Level 20 with Mudruk.