Football Tactics Achievement List

Prestige Cup Prestige Cup
Win Prestige Cup
National Cup National Cup
Win National Cup
Amateur Champion Amateur Champion
Take the first place in Amateur League
Champion 3 Champion 3
Take the first place in Third League
Champion 2 Champion 2
Take the first place in Second League
Champion 1 Champion 1
Take the first place in First League
The Best Nation Club The Best Nation Club
Take the first place in Premier League
Owner of Trophies Owner of Trophies
Become the champion of all Leagues, Prestige Cup & National Cup
Precise Forward Precise Forward
Use Precision Shot to score 5 goals
Bombardier Bombardier
Use Power Shot to score 5 goals
Сannoneer Сannoneer
Use Cannon Shot to score 5 goals
Brazilian Brazilian
Use Rainbow Feint to score 5 goals
Venturer Venturer
Use Dribbling to score 5 goals
Assistant Assistant
Use Layoff Pass successfully 5 times
Speedy Speedy
Use Nutmeg successfully 5 times
Defender Defender
Tackle the ball from an opponent 5 times
Aggressive Defender Aggressive Defender
Use Sliding Tackle successfully 5 times
Savior Savior
Save the goal 5 times by punching the ball to a corner
Olympic Kick Olympic Kick
Use Olympic Kick to score 5 goals
Talent Talent
Upgrade a talent or skill to level 3 for one footballer
Old Hand Old Hand
Your team needs to have at least one footballer of 100th level
Builder Builder
Upgrade a stadium to max level
HR Manager HR Manager
Hire at least one assistant or coach of max level
Commercialist Commercialist
Sell your footballer for more than $1 million
Сustomer Сustomer
Buy a footballer for more than $5 million
Goal Scorer Goal Scorer
Score 5 goals during one match (Third League and higher)
Clean Sheet Clean Sheet
Do not concede goals during 10 matches in a row (Third League and higher)
Attacking Midfielder Attacking Midfielder
Score 5 goals by a Midfielder
Strong nerves Strong nerves
Win the penalty series in a Cup Match
Lucky Lucky
Score a goal with a penalty
Kicker Kicker
Score a goal with a direct free kick
Home-made Home-made
Score a goal after using Pass or Lofted Pass on a corner
Pressure Pressure
Tackle a ball from an opponent with assistance of a teammate, who uses Pressure
Combinatorics Combinatorics
Prolongue a turn from 3 to 5 actions by succsesfully using skills
Salvation from on high Salvation from on high
Score a goal on the last turn of the match (and make a Draw or Victory)
Team of stars Team of stars
Score 5 goals during a match by three different footballers
Unemployed Unemployed
Goalkeeper should not touch the ball during the whole match (Second League and higher)
Hard-bitten Hard-bitten
Get three corner kicks during one match
Motivation Motivation
Score a goal by a footballer, who is in Competitive Rage mode
Marathoner Marathoner
Win 100 matches during one campaign
Young talent Young talent
Buy a 16-year old footballer
Contracts Contracts
Extend contracts for three footballers for another 3 years
Star team Star team
Complete a season with a goal difference of more than 50
People love you People love you
Merit love of 30000 fans
Star Star
Upgrade two talents or skills to level 3 for one footballer
Teamwork Teamwork
Score 3 goals after Layoff Pass
Conveyor Conveyor
Score a minimum of one goal for 10 matches in a row (Third League and higher)
Star brazilian Star brazilian
Use a Rainbow Feint successfully against a defender and then the goalkeeper (in one turn)
Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player
The same player should become a Most Valuable Player three times in a row (Third League and higher)
Temper of steel Temper of steel
Win a match after being 1 or more goals behind (Second League and higher)
Hero Hero
Take the first place in Premier League starting in hard mode
Main Continental Cup Main Continental Cup
Win Cup of Europe, America, or Asia and Oceania
Extra cup of the continent Extra cup of the continent
Win Cup of EFA, AFA, or AOFA