Fly’n Achievement List

Tricoton cleaner Tricoton cleaner
Stop the MX_Tricotor.
Tripatio cleaner Tripatio cleaner
Stop the MX_Tripator.
Trilab cleaner Trilab cleaner
Stop the Portapotree.
Electricleaner Electricleaner
Stop the Telescreen.
Tribin cleaner Tribin cleaner
Stop the Garbage Collector
Glider Glider
Glide for 10 minutes.
Singer Singer
Sing for 2 minutes.
Stronger than glue Stronger than glue
Stick for 1 hour.
Balloon Balloon
Bounce 5,000 times.
Faster than light Faster than light
Dash 1,500 times.
Tenacious Tenacious
Die more than 50 times in a single level, then complete it.
Shortcut user Shortcut user
Return to the checkpoint 50 times.
Tricoton expert Tricoton expert
Complete the Tricoton’s bonus levels.
Tripatio expert Tripatio expert
Complete the Tripatio’s bonus levels.
Trilab expert Trilab expert
Complete the Trilab’s bonus levels.
Electri expert Electri expert
Complete the Electri’s bonus levels.
FLY'N expert FLY’N expert
Complete all the bonus levels.
Art fan Art fan
Buy an illustration.
Art collector Art collector
Buy all the illustrations.