Flyhunter Origins Achievement List

Swat's This? Swat’s This?
Find the Mark I swatter
Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti
Capture the Fruitfly
I've got to GLOW now I’ve got to GLOW now
Capture the Firefly
Horse Play Horse Play
Capture the Horsefly
It's starting to Drag-on It’s starting to Drag-on
Capture the Dragonfly
House my Flyhunting? House my Flyhunting?
Capture the Housefly
Mission Complete Mission Complete
Reach the end of Episode 5
Stop CLONING around! Stop CLONING around!
Get killed 10 times in a single level
Lover, not a swatter Lover, not a swatter
Clear a level with Zak without killing any creatures
Going for Gold Going for Gold
Win your first Golden Larvae
Golden Larvae Hunter Golden Larvae Hunter
Win every Golden Larvae in the game
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Fully Upgrade all weapons
Suits you sir! Suits you sir!
Find all hidden suits