Fly, Glowfly! Achievement List

Leaving The Leaves Leaving The Leaves
Complete chapter 1
Freezing Spark Freezing Spark
Complete chapter 2
Dashing Through The Marsh Dashing Through The Marsh
Complete chapter 3
Lights Out Lights Out
Complete chapter 4
Flying Lights Festival Flying Lights Festival
Complete chapter 5
Shine Like A Star Shine Like A Star
Collect 10 stars
Twinkle Twinkle Little Fly Twinkle Twinkle Little Fly
Collect 20 stars
Star Explorer Star Explorer
Collect 30 stars
50 Shades Of Light 50 Shades Of Light
Collect 50 stars
Got The Sky Got The Sky
Collect 75 stars
Wrong Way Wrong Way
Lose 1 time
Totally Wrong Totally Wrong
Lose 10 times
The Keykeeper The Keykeeper
Collect 50 keys
Director's Cut Director’s Cut
Complete bonus chapter
Hidden Achievement
Eh... Thanks? Eh… Thanks?
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