Floppy Heroes Achievement List

Floppy Squire Floppy Squire
Complete the tutorial.
Don't Flop Me Now Don’t Flop Me Now
Complete level 5 in Singleplayer Mode.
Floppy Hero Floppy Hero
Complete all 10 levels in Singleplayer Mode.
Hats Off To You Hats Off To You
Complete Singleplayer Mode without equipping a helmet.
Heads Up! Heads Up!
Unlock all pieces of head armor.
Suit-able Protection Suit-able Protection
Unlock all pieces of torso armor.
I Could Use A Hand I Could Use A Hand
Unlock all pieces of arm armor.
Legs For Days Legs For Days
Unlock all pieces of leg armor.
Ambidextrous Ambidextrous
Unlock all one-handed weapons.
Bigger Is Better Bigger Is Better
Unlock all two-handed weapons.
Floppier Than Ever Floppier Than Ever
Upgrade a piece of equipment.