Flight Control HD Achievement List

Safety Card Safety Card
Read the game tutorial
First Flights First Flights
Land an aircraft on each airfield
Jet Power Jet Power
Land 10 jets in a game
Centurion Centurion
Reach 100 “Total Aircraft Landed”
Helicopter Love Helicopter Love
Land 3 helicopters in a row
Rush Hour Rush Hour
Land 5 aircraft within 10 seconds
Holding Pattern Holding Pattern
Keep the same aircraft in the sky for 3 minutes
Restrainer Restrainer
Land no aircraft for 3 minutes
Perfect Timing Perfect Timing
Land 3 aircraft at the same time
Crowded Sky Crowded Sky
Reach 20 “Most Aircraft on Screen”
Veteran Veteran
Play 200 games in total
Wings Wings
Land 200 aircraft in a game
Daredevil Daredevil
Fly a stunt aircraft through all gates and land safely on the Stunt airfield
Summer Drought Summer Drought
Land 50 aircraft without flying through any gates on the Stunt airfield
Nice Shades Nice Shades
Open all umbrellas simultaneously on the Stunt airfield
Snowball Snowball
Land 5 helicopters in a row on the Windy airfield