Fleeting Ages Achievement List

Stone age Stone age
Craft a stone age workbench!
Copper age Copper age
Trigger the copper age!
Tin age Tin age
Trigger the tin age!
Bronze age Bronze age
Trigger the bronze age!
Middle age Middle age
Trigger the middle age!
Modern age Modern age
Trigger the modern age!
Industrial age Industrial age
Trigger the industrial age!
Home sweet home Home sweet home
Build a tent or house!
Small improvements Small improvements
Craft a tin age workbench!
Advanced crafting Advanced crafting
Craft a middle age workbench!
Technological leap Technological leap
Craft an anvil!
Take up arms Take up arms
Craft a weapon!
Survival instinct Survival instinct
Kill an animal!
Teach a man to fish Teach a man to fish
Catch a fish!
Alchemist Alchemist
Craft a chemistry table!
Gourmet Gourmet
Craft a kettle!
My precious My precious
Craft a chest or earthenware!
Heat it up Heat it up
Craft a smelter!
Leathercraft Leathercraft
Craft a tanning rack!
Tailoring Tailoring
Craft a loom!