Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Achievement List

Learning The Ropes Learning The Ropes
Get your first special ability.
Flat Perfect Flat Perfect
Get all the special abilities.
Your Destiny Awaits Your Destiny Awaits
Open the path to the sky tower.
A Long Way To Go A Long Way To Go
Activate the first Checkpoint Guard.
End Of The Line End Of The Line
Activate the last Checkpoint Guard.
Salad To Go Salad To Go
Defeat Plantosaurus.
Eight Legged Freaks Eight Legged Freaks
Defeat Arachne.
Free The Whale Free The Whale
Defeat Hank.
What Would Jacques Do? What Would Jacques Do?
Defeat Kraken.
Cultural Games Cultural Games
Defeat Quetzal.
Magma Tears Magma Tears
Defeat Flatepetl.
I Aint Afraid Of No Ghost I Aint Afraid Of No Ghost
Defeat the Norns.
The Wolf Of Flatstreet The Wolf Of Flatstreet
Defeat Fenrir.
Masked Enigma Masked Enigma
Defeat Hex.
Hidden Achievement
I See Only A Point I See Only A Point
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Seeker Of Truths Seeker Of Truths
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Dont Be A Square Dont Be A Square
Beat a square enemy.
Fear My Sharpness Fear My Sharpness
Beat a circle enemy.
Flat Smash Flat Smash
Beat a triangle enemy.
Shaping Up Shaping Up
Use your three forms to fight.
Complicated Foes Complicated Foes
Defeat an enemy with two or more shapes.
Rookie Hero Rookie Hero
Finish your first side quest.
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero
Finish all of the side quests.
Buy Somethin’ Will Ya! Buy Somethin’ Will Ya!
Buy your first heart from the store.
Out Of Stock Out Of Stock
Buy all the hearts from the store.
Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
Change your shape 1000 times.
A Forest Without Secrets A Forest Without Secrets
Get 100% coins in Flat Forest.
Treasureless Ocean Treasureless Ocean
Get 100% coins in Flatlantis.
Expert Archeologist Expert Archeologist
Get 100% coins in Flatepetl.
Breaking The Ice Breaking The Ice
Get 100% coins in Flatsgard.
King Of The Heavens King Of The Heavens
Get 100% coins in Flatelysium.
Capitalist Dog Capitalist Dog
Get all the coins.
Know Your History Know Your History
Get all of the secret scrolls.
Mother’s Memento Mother’s Memento
Get the final journal page.
Too Bad! Too Bad!
Get 1 Game Over.
No Pain, No Gain No Pain, No Gain
Get 100 Game Overs.
That's All Folks? That’s All Folks?
Earn the normal ending.
See Ya Next Time! See Ya Next Time!
Earn the true ending.
Easy Peasy Easy Peasy
Complete the game in Flat Newbie.
A Job Well Done A Job Well Done
Complete the game in Flat Hero.
Seasoned Player Seasoned Player
Complete the game in Flat Legend.
Overachiever Overachiever
Earn all of the achievements.
Wabbit Season Wabbit Season
Beat 50 Bunny Balls.
King Of The Ocean King Of The Ocean
Beat 50 Squidclops.
No More Lizards! No More Lizards!
Beat 50 Sparks.
How Many Does It Take How Many Does It Take
Beat 50 Roundowls.
Geometric King Geometric King
Beat 500 enemies.
Geometric Lord Geometric Lord
Beat 1000 enemies.