Flamebreak Achievement List

Mini Boss Mini Boss
Flawless clear 3 minibosses in a single run
Merciless Defense Merciless Defense
Complete the treasure defense minigame without losing any treasure or allowing a single goblin to escape
Furere's Disciple Furere’s Disciple
Obtain 40 favor with Furere, God of Rage
Hook Master Hook Master
Complete the loot hook minigame with a perfect score twice in a single run.
Phoenix Slayer Phoenix Slayer
Fight your way through the Worldfire Peaks and slay the Phoenix.
Necrus Slayer Necrus Slayer
Fight your way through the Realm of the Undead and slay Necrus, God of the Undead
Sepicles Slayer Sepicles Slayer
Fight your way through the Plane of Precipitance and slay Sepicles, God of Speed
Halarin Slayer Halarin Slayer
Fight your way through the Grove of Renewal and slay Halarin, God of Healing
Furere Slayer Furere Slayer
Fight your way through the Furyborn Crags and slay Furere, God of Rage
Proctus Slayer Proctus Slayer
Fight your way through the Steelclad Stronghold and slay Proctus, God of Protection
God Slayer God Slayer
Kill Necrus, Sepicles, Halarin, Furere, and Proctus
Hard Streak Hard Streak
Win 5 games in a row in Hard Mode.
Colossal Blow Colossal Blow
Deal 50,000 damage with a single hit.
Win Streak Win Streak
Win 5 games in a row in Normal Mode.
Dwarf's Quest Dwarf’s Quest
Complete the Dwarf’s Quest.
Elf's Quest Elf’s Quest
Complete the Elf’s Quest.
Human's Quest Human’s Quest
Complete the Human’s Quest.
Minotaur's Quest Minotaur’s Quest
Complete the Minotaur’s Quest.
Faerie's Quest Faerie’s Quest
Complete the Faerie’s Quest.
Giant's Quest Giant’s Quest
Complete the Giant’s Quest.
Halfling's Quest Halfling’s Quest
Complete the Halfling’s Quest.
Lich's Quest Lich’s Quest
Complete the Lich’s Quest.
Zombie's Quest Zombie’s Quest
Complete the Zombie’s Quest.
Orc's Quest Orc’s Quest
Complete the Orc’s Quest.