Five: Guardians of David Achievement List

Who? Who?
O king, I cannot tell.
Smite? Smite?
Deliver them into thine hand
Stealth Stealth
Great Victory
Amalekites Amalekites
Knew no peace
Gath Gath
Evacuated the citizens
Edomites Edomites
Made themselves kings
Message Message
Delivered by the Mighty Men
March March
Into a nest of hornets
Uriah Uriah
He may be smitten
The good man The good man
There is none
Lion Lion
Slew in a pit
David David
Took his sword and slew him
Neziah Neziah
Fell to the FIVE
Ishbi-Benob Ishbi-Benob
Son of a Giant
Genubath Genubath
Tumbled to the might of Jashobeam
Seirath Seirath
The dance of blades
Tahrea & Melech Tahrea & Melech
Tackled & Muzzled
Barakel Barakel
Ended by the FIVE
Shobak Shobak
Swift vengeance delivered
Sethur Sethur
Uriah won’t be seized
My King… My King…
I have failed you