Fist of Jesus Achievement List

Devoted Killer Devoted Killer
Kill 50 zombies
Fervent Killer Fervent Killer
Kill 1000 zombies
Saint Killer Saint Killer
Kill 50000 zombies
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Pull out 5 hearts
Forbidden Love Forbidden Love
Pull out 50 hearts
Holy Heart Holy Heart
Pull out 2000 hearts
Sacred Kick Sacred Kick
Kill 25 zombies with a leg
Jesus' Kick Jesus’ Kick
Kill 150 zombies with a leg
Lord's Kick Lord’s Kick
Kill 2500 zombies with a leg
State of Sin State of Sin
Destroy 15 jars
Demon's Ally Demon’s Ally
Destroy 75 jars
God Punishment God Punishment
Destroy 200 jars
First Miracle First Miracle
Equip a weapon at the beginning of 10 levels
Big Healer Big Healer
Equip a weapon at the beginning of 35 levels
The Last Chance The Last Chance
Equip a weapon at the beginning of 300 levels
Kame Wannabe Kame Wannabe
Kill 30 zombies with the Kame
Kame Lover Kame Lover
Kill 200 zombies with the Kame
Kame Hame Ha Kame Hame Ha
Kill 5000 zombies with the Kame
Jesus' Slave Jesus’ Slave
Obtain 10 relics
Christian Beliver Christian Beliver
Obtain 25 relics
Holy Father Holy Father
Obtain 36 relics
Rookie Christian Rookie Christian
Complete 7 levels with 3 stars
Sacred Gamer Sacred Gamer
Complete 45 levels with 3 stars
King of Kings King of Kings
Complete 60 levels with 3 stars
Acolyte Acolyte
Reach 10 level of faith
Getting the Host Getting the Host
Reach 20 level of faith
Sacred Goblet Sacred Goblet
Reach 40 level of faith
Miraculous Miraculous
Get a 12 combo
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Get a 16 combo
Demigod Demigod
Get a 20 combo