Fist of Awesome Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Pause Master Pause Master
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Rookie Brawler Rookie Brawler
Take out 100 belligerent bears
So-so Brawler So-so Brawler
Take out 1000 belligerent bears
Pretty Good Brawler Pretty Good Brawler
Take out 5000 belligerent bears
King Brawler King Brawler
Take out 10000 belligerent bears
It Begins It Begins
Complete Tutorial / Woodland
Streets Of Bears Streets Of Bears
Complete Bearhattan
A Link To The Past A Link To The Past
Complete Human Zoo
They're Flocking This Way They’re Flocking This Way
Complete Volcanic Plains
Lair Of The Cave Bear Lair Of The Cave Bear
Complete Musty Cave
Road To Hell Road To Hell
Complete The King’s Road
Castle Crasher Castle Crasher
Complete Castle
You Can't Touch This You Can’t Touch This
Complete Hammertime Station
88 MPH 88 MPH
Complete Time Train
Let's Do The Twist Let’s Do The Twist
Reach the fake ending
Worser and Worser Worser and Worser
Complete Forbidden Zone
Final Fight Final Fight
Complete the last stage
Easy Does It Easy Does It
Complete story mode on Easy difficulty
The New Normal The New Normal
Complete story mode on Hard difficulty
Hard Labour Hard Labour
Complete story mode on Harder difficulty
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Complete game without using a continue
Never Back Down Never Back Down
Die and restart 10 times in story mode
Max Tim Burr Max Tim Burr
Max out Tim Burr’s abilities
Max Clive Max Clive
Max out Clive’s abilities
Max Lumberbear Max Lumberbear
Max out Lumberbear’s abilities
Max Rembrandt Max Rembrandt
Max out Rembrandt’s abilities
Max Cochise Max Cochise
Max out Cochise’s abilities
Max Will Max Will
Max out Will’s abilities
Max Tommy Max Tommy
Max out Tommy’s abilities
Max Scratchy Max Scratchy
Max out Scratchy’s abilities
Max Trevor Max Trevor
Max out Trevor’s abilities
Max Cave Bear Max Cave Bear
Max out Cave Bear’s abilities
Max Frederick Max Frederick
Max out Frederick’s abilities
Max Rodrigo Max Rodrigo
Max out Rodrigo’s abilities
Max King Bear Max King Bear
Max out King Bear’s abilities
Max Bartholomew Max Bartholomew
Max out Bartholomew’s abilities
Max Jimbo Max Jimbo
Max out Jimbo’s abilities
Max Candy Max Candy
Max out Candy’s abilities
Max Desire Max Desire
Max out Desire’s abilities
Max Brian Max Brian
Max out Brian’s abilities
Max Brian Bear Max Brian Bear
Max out Brian Bear’s abilities
Max Santa Max Santa
Max out Santa’s abilities
Maximum Carnage Maximum Carnage
Reach maximum level for all characters
Still Alive Still Alive
Stay alive for 1 minute in Arena Mode
Staying Alive Staying Alive
Stay alive for 2 minutes in Arena Mode
I Will Survive I Will Survive
Stay alive for 3 minutes in Arena Mode
Can't Stop Me Now Can’t Stop Me Now
Stay alive for 4 minutes in Arena Mode
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest
Stay alive for 5 minutes in Arena Mode
Renegade Renegade
Play 50 games in Arena Mode
Vendetta Vendetta
Play 100 games in Arena Mode
Punisher Punisher
Play 250 games in Arena Mode
The Equalizer The Equalizer
Play 500 games in Arena Mode
Have a Chocolate Have a Chocolate
Watch to the end of the credits
Hidden Achievement
Gay Pride Gay Pride
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Straight As An Arrow Straight As An Arrow
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
First Blood First Blood
Slay your first enemy
Pit-Fighter Pit-Fighter
Play 25 games in Arena Mode