The Rookie The Rookie
Kill 20 Combine Soldiers/Civil Protection overall.
The Resistance Soldier The Resistance Soldier
Kill 50 Combine Soldiers/Civil Protection overall.
The Freeman The Freeman
Kill 100 Combine Soldiers/Civil Protection overall.
Radio Operator Radio Operator
Kill 20 Hunters overall.
Hunting Party Hunting Party
Kill 50 Hunters overall.
Last Legs Last Legs
Kill 100 Hunters overall.
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny
Reach the maximum level in a game.
Mass Homicide Mass Homicide
Kill 100 enemies in a game.
Red Mist Red Mist
Kill 1,000 enemies overall.
Killionaire Killionaire
Kill 1,000,000 enemies overall.
Betrayal Betrayal
Kill a Combine Soldier/Civil Protection with a Hunter’s Flechette in a game.
Multiple Charges Multiple Charges
Kill 10 Hunters overall with their own flechettes.
Unfrigginbelievable Unfrigginbelievable
Kill 100 enemies in a game on NIGHTMARE difficulty.
The Bully The Bully
Kill 20 Antlions/Antlion Workers overall.
Bug Hunter Bug Hunter
Kill 50 Antlions/Antlion Workers overall.
The Exterminator The Exterminator
Kill 100 Antlions/Antlion Workers overall.
The Beast Hunter The Beast Hunter
Kill 20 Antlion Guards/Antlion Guardians overall.
The Beast Slayer The Beast Slayer
Kill 50 Antlion Guards/Antlion Guardians overall.
The Beast Demolisher The Beast Demolisher
Kill 100 Antlion Guards/Antlion Guardians overall.
Left 1 Alive Left 1 Alive
Kill 20 Zombies/Fast Zombies/Poison Zombies/Zombines overall.
The Savior of Ravenholm The Savior of Ravenholm
Kill 50 Zombies/Fast Zombies/Poison Zombies/Zombines overall.
Father Grigori Father Grigori
Kill 100 Zombies/Fast Zombies/Poison Zombies/Zombines overall.
Pest Spray Pest Spray
Kill 20 Headcrabs/Fast Headcrabs/Poison Headcrabs overall.
Biotic Hunter Biotic Hunter
Kill 50 Headcrabs/Fast Headcrabs/Poison Headcrabs overall.
Parasite Exterminator Parasite Exterminator
Kill 100 Headcrabs/Fast Headcrabs/Poison Headcrabs overall.
The Savior of the Incident The Savior of the Incident
Kill 20 Houndeyes/Bullsquids/Vortigaunts overall.
Hunter of the Borderworld Invaders Hunter of the Borderworld Invaders
Kill 50 Houndeyes/Bullsquids/Vortigaunts overall.
Unforeseen Consequences Unforeseen Consequences
Kill 100 Houndeyes/Bullsquids/Vortigaunts overall.
Demolition Man Demolition Man
Kill 10 enemies in a game with the SMG’s Grenades.
Pacifist Pacifist
Kill 10 enemies without firing a single bullet after starting a game.
The Uprising The Uprising
Kill 20 enemies without getting damaged after spawning.
Battle With Honor Battle With Honor
Kill 10 enemies while at low health.
Death of a Hero Death of a Hero
Kill over 100 enemies before your painful demise.
Explosive Conclusion Explosive Conclusion
Kill 10 enemies with their own grenades.