Finding Teddy Achievement List

Teddy's Saviour Teddy’s Saviour
You beat the game and saved Teddy.
Nyanyanyanya Nyanyanyanya
Tarant showed you his Nyan Cat talent.
Firefly Firefly
You found a firefly. Find them all !
Firefly Collector Firefly Collector
You found all fireflies.
Artwork Collector Artwork Collector
You unlocked all artworks.
Meow Meow
Mr Cat joined you.
Bzzzz Bzzzz
Mr Bug joined you.
Blobbed Blobbed
You died against the Blob.
Wasped Wasped
You died against the Wasp.
Monstered Monstered
You died against the Monster.
Spidered Spidered
You died against the Spider.
Crocodiled Crocodiled
You died against the Crocodile.
Snaked Snaked
You died against the Snake.
Spidered. Again ! Spidered. Again !
You died against the second Spider.
Taranted Taranted
You died against Tarant.
Musician Musician
You unlocked all the Musicom.
R.I.P. R.I.P.
You helped the ghost to transmit a message.
Baby Sitter Baby Sitter
You helped the Spider Mother to get back it’s lost baby.
Who's Your Daddy? Who’s Your Daddy?
You beat the game and unlocked all the content.