Final Fantasy IV Achievement List

Customer Appreciation Customer Appreciation
You played a new game.
Training Complete! Training Complete!
You talked to everybody in the Training Classroom.
Mission Accomplished? Mission Accomplished?
You traveled to Mist.
Assault! Assault!
You traveled to Damcyan Castle.
Bravery Bravery
You defeated the Sahagin that attacked at Kaipo.
Big Bang! Big Bang!
You defeated Mom Bomb.
Alone Again Alone Again
You were shipwrecked by Leviathan.
Defeated Scarmiglione Defeated Scarmiglione
You defeated Scarmiglione.
Defeated Cagnazzo Defeated Cagnazzo
You defeated Cagnazzo.
Saved by Music Saved by Music
You defeated Dark Elf.
Delta Attack Defiance Delta Attack Defiance
You defeated the Magus Sisters.
Defeated Barbariccia Defeated Barbariccia
You defeated Barbariccia.
Defeated Calcabrina Defeated Calcabrina
You defeated Calcabrina.
Defeated Dr. Lugae Defeated Dr. Lugae
You defeated Dr. Lugae.
Defeated Rubicante Defeated Rubicante
You defeated Rubicante.
Defeated Demon Wall Defeated Demon Wall
You defeated Demon Wall.
Promised Ship of Light Promised Ship of Light
You went to the moon on The Lunar Whale.
Defeated Elemental Archfiends Defeated Elemental Archfiends
You defeated the elemental archfiends.
Defeated CPU Defeated CPU
You defeated the CPU.
To Mother Earth To Mother Earth
You finished the game.
Bitter Battle Bitter Battle
You finished the game on Hard difficulty.
Earth's Savior Times Two Earth’s Savior Times Two
You finished the game twice.
Form Reborn Form Reborn
You obtained Excalibur.
Unsealed Unsealed
You obtained Ragnarok, Holy Lance, Murasame, and Ribbon.
To the End of Misery To the End of Misery
You obtained Adamant Armor.
The Onion Swordsman The Onion Swordsman
You obtained all the Onion items.
Augment Novice Augment Novice
You obtained one augment.
Augment Practitioner Augment Practitioner
You obtained 20 augments.
Augment Master Augment Master
You obtained all augments.
Apprentice Summoner Apprentice Summoner
You acquired one summon.
Expert Summoner Expert Summoner
You acquired all hidden summons.
Master Summoner Master Summoner
You acquired all summons.
The Perpetual Wayfarer The Perpetual Wayfarer
You traveled across the entire map.
Rabbit Chaser Rabbit Chaser
You played through all Namingway events.
A Bloodstained Road A Bloodstained Road
You raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 15.
Heaps of Corpses Heaps of Corpses
You raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 20.
Deep into Darkness Deep into Darkness
You raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 25.
Moves toward the Light Moves toward the Light
You raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 10.
Walks with the Light Walks with the Light
You raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 20.
The Gatherer of Light The Gatherer of Light
You raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 30.
The Illuminator The Illuminator
You raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 50.
Paladin of Light Incarnate Paladin of Light Incarnate
You raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 70.
Pockets Full Pockets Full
You earned 10,000 gil.
Fat Purse Fat Purse
You earned 50,000 gil.
Bursting Treasure Chest Bursting Treasure Chest
You earned 200,000 gil.
Time for a Vault Time for a Vault
You earned 500,000 gil.
Bronze Hunter Bronze Hunter
You defeated 100 enemies.
Silver Hunter Silver Hunter
You defeated 500 enemies.
Gold Hunter Gold Hunter
You defeated 1,000 enemies.
Platinum Hunter Platinum Hunter
You defeated 2,000 enemies.
Seeker Seeker
You completed 10% of the Bestiary.
Catching On Catching On
You completed 30% of the Bestiary.
Aficionado Aficionado
You completed 60% of the Bestiary.
Know-It-All Know-It-All
You completed the entire Bestiary.
Defeated Geryon Defeated Geryon
You defeated Geryon.
Defeated Proto-Babil Defeated Proto-Babil
You defeated Proto-Babil.
Developers' Pal Developers’ Pal
You talked to everybody in the Developers’ Office.
You earned all achievements.