Final Exam Achievement List

Promising start Promising start
Complete a mission in the game.
Midterm exam Midterm exam
Complete 4 missions in the game.
This is only the beginning This is only the beginning
Finish all the missions in the game.
Cooperation Cooperation
Complete a mission in 2 player local game mode.
Fun Fun
Complete an online multiplayer game.
Healer Healer
Heal a character on the ground 10 times in multiplayer mode.
Top of the class Top of the class
Win the golden glove on one mission.
Star student Star student
Win the golden glove on 4 missions.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Get the gold in every mission.
Maniac Maniac
Complete a mission without taking a single hit.
Rock hard! Rock hard!
Complete all the missions in the game in “Rock hard” mode.
Thirsty Thirsty
Find 12 cans.
Gunsmith Gunsmith
Find a new weapon.
Collector Collector
Find all weapons with the same character.
Temptation Temptation
Launch the 4 special skills specific to one character in a single mission.
Who’s the strongest? Who’s the strongest?
Exterminate 3 hordes.
Horde hunter Horde hunter
Exterminate 10 hordes.
Mega horde hunter Mega horde hunter
Exterminate 50 hordes.
Apprentice Terminator Apprentice Terminator
Achieve a 10,000 point combo.
Budding terminator Budding terminator
Achieve a 25,000 point combo.
Terminator Terminator
Achieve a 50,000 point combo.
Mega terminator Mega terminator
Achieve a 100,000 point combo.
Small disintegration Small disintegration
Score 200,000 points in a single game.
Disintegration Disintegration
Score 300,000 points in a single game.
Mega disintegration Mega disintegration
Score 400,000 points in a single game.
Small massacre Small massacre
Kill 500 monsters.
Massacre Massacre
Kill 1,000 monsters.
Mega massacre Mega massacre
Kill 2,500 monsters.
Apprentice butcher Apprentice butcher
Kill 250 monsters with the chainsaw.
Slaughter Slaughter
Kill 500 monsters with the chainsaw.
Apprentice arsonist Apprentice arsonist
Kill 150 monsters with fire.
Arsonist Arsonist
Kill 300 monsters with fire.