Fieldrunners 2 Achievement List

Grunt Deck Grunt Deck
Reward: Collect the grunt deck for 1,000 coins!
Iron Deck Iron Deck
Reward: Collect the iron deck for 20 rewinds!
Bird Deck Bird Deck
Reward: Collect the bird deck for 25 freezes!
Whirly Deck Whirly Deck
Reward: Collect the whirly deck for 30 mines!
Fun Deck Fun Deck
Reward: Collect the fun deck for 35 spanish flu!
Minute Man Minute Man
Complete one mission in one minute.
First Class First Class
Earn one million points on one mission.
Luxury Suite Luxury Suite
Earn a whopping five million points on one mission.
Efficiency is Key Efficiency is Key
Defeat 10 rounds in a survival mission with no towers. Items will help.
No Slow No Slow
Defeat a survival mission without slow towers.
Jumbo Combo Jumbo Combo
Defeat 20 units in one combo. Boomshakalaka!
Chain Combo Chain Combo
Chain 20 combos in a row. You’re on fire!
Mr. Moneybags Mr. Moneybags
Stockpile $500 in a mission without selling any towers.
The Thunder The Thunder
Call it down! Unleash airstrike 7 times in one mission.
Itemized Itemized
Defeat 10 units at once using one item.
Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove
Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up a S-17 Skywhale
Bullseye Bullseye
Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up the V2 truck.
Link Limbo Link Limbo
Defeat 10 units, one after another, using a pair of Link Towers.
Spoils of War Spoils of War
Earn 10,000 coins. You don’t have to have them all at once.
Never Give Up... Never Give Up…
Survive 150 rounds.
Never Surrender! Never Surrender!
Survive 200 rounds on Heroic.
World Deck World Deck
Reward: Collect the world deck for 40 fire traps!
Starburst Starburst
Earn 30 stars.
Veteran General Veteran General
Complete all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.
2-Star General 2-Star General
Earn 2 stars on all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.
3-Star General 3-Star General
Earn 3 stars on all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.
Hardcore Deck Hardcore Deck
Reward: Collect the hardcore deck for eternal fame (and 2,000 coins).
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Defeat every Elite unit from the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.
Tour of Duty Tour of Duty
Play once a week, every week, for 6 months. Yes, we mean it.
Day of Victory Day of Victory
Beat every level in 24 Hours. This doesn’t include DLC.
Day of Triumph Day of Triumph
Beat every level in 24 Hours. On Heroic. No Restarting. No Failing. No Quitting.
Bad Day Blimp Bad Day Blimp
Defeat 20 Bad Day Blimps. “Let me show you my thumbtack collection.”
Louie Copter Louie Copter
Defeat 100 Louie Copters. “Of course it’s safe. It’s a fuel filled brick. We, however, are in trouble.”
Huey Copter Huey Copter
Defeat 250 Huey Copters. “The helicopter has only one weakness. Physics.”
Wingnut Wingnut
Defeat 100 Wingnuts. “We have a perfect flying record. We’ve never left one up there.”
S-17 Skywhale S-17 Skywhale
Defeat 20 S-17 Skywhales. “It’s as creaky as a wooden trampoline, but it’s still a doomsday machine.”
Fokker Fokker
Defeat 100 Fokkers. “Yes, that’s its real world name.”
Scrambler Scrambler
Defeat 1,000 Scramblers. “Sometimes you’re the fly, sometimes you’re the windshield.”
Dirty Hog Dirty Hog
Defeat 1,000 Dirty Hogs. “The road never ends. The ride always does.”
Sidehacker Sidehacker
Defeat 1,000 Sidehackers. “Umm… can I borrow your car?”
Flying Ace Flying Ace
Triumph over the Flying Ace. “I’ll smoke out the enemy. You smoke me a kipper.”
Red Baron Red Baron
Triumph over the Red Baron. “The English had a splendid joke. They said they were going to stop me!”
Hindenburg Hindenburg
Triumph over the Hindenburg. “Frank, maybe the cabin should be non-smoking.”
Zeppelin Zeppelin
Triumph over the Zeppelin. “There is always something you’ve missed. Hopefully it’s the ground.”
Night Fokker Night Fokker
Triumph over the Night Fokker. “Fly until the last piece stops moving.”
Lieutenant Sakai Lieutenant Sakai
Triumph over Lieutenant Sakai. “You can land anywhere once.”
Legendary Panzer Legendary Panzer
Triumph over the Legendary Panzer. “Victory is for the strongest, bravest, and best. Let’s shoot for a tie.”
Legendary Tiger Legendary Tiger
Triumph over the Legendary Tiger. “Do unto others as they would do unto you. Just do yours first.”
Toastmaster Toastmaster
Defeat 1,000 Toastmasters. “Got any questions about propane or propane accessories?”
Stubborn Runner Stubborn Runner
Defeat 1,000 Stubborn Runners. “Mamma always said to tell the truth. So I run like I’m crazy.”
Hazmat Hazmat
Defeat 2,000 Hazmats. “No, I will not clean your socks.”
Super Trooper Super Trooper
Defeat 2,000 Super Troopers. “I just want to pump you to your full pumptential.”
The Runner The Runner
Defeat 2,000 of The Runners. “Running is a mental sport. We’re all insane.”
Medic Medic
Defeat 200 Medics. “Whaddya mean, no overtime?”
Momma Tank Momma Tank
Defeat 250 Momma Tanks. “Happy Boxing Day! We got you explosives!”
Baby Tank Baby Tank
Defeat 300 Baby Tanks. “Somebody in here needs new socks.”
Heavy Transport Heavy Transport
Defeat 100 Heavy Transports. “You suppose if we took out the ashtray we could fit Frank?”
Jammed Jeep Jammed Jeep
Defeat 200 Jammed Jeeps. “Just 49 bucks for 4 cylinders, 60 horses, and real Corinthian leather.”
V2 on a Truck V2 on a Truck
Defeat 100 V2s. “The V2 unleashes an unstoppable torrent of fire. So where did we park it?”