Featherpunk Prime Achievement List

It has begun It has begun
Completed First floor.
Defeat Snavelnokka Defeat Snavelnokka
Take down Guardian 1.
Defeat Obenpuf Defeat Obenpuf
Take down Guardian 2.
Defeat Kojibaca Defeat Kojibaca
Take down Guardian 3.
Defeat Dakomogun Defeat Dakomogun
Take down Guardian 4 and destroy Cybirdroid.
Activate Mainframe 1 Activate Mainframe 1
Activate the checkpoint.
Activate Mainframe 2 Activate Mainframe 2
Activate the checkpoint.
Activate Mainframe 3 Activate Mainframe 3
Activate the checkpoint.
Activate Mainframe 4 Activate Mainframe 4
Activate the checkpoint.
To make an omeletteā€¦ To make an omeletteā€¦
Destroyed 10 times.
Sector 1 collectibles Sector 1 collectibles
All Sector 1 collectibles collected.
Sector 2 collectibles Sector 2 collectibles
All Sector 2 collectibles collected.
Sector 3 collectibles Sector 3 collectibles
All Sector 3 collectibles collected.
Sector 4 collectibles Sector 4 collectibles
All Sector 4 collectibles collected.
Ultimate collector Ultimate collector
Every collectible in every sector collected.
Snavelnokka annihilation. Snavelnokka annihilation.
Complete the Boss 1 without dying.
Unstoppable! Unstoppable!
Kill 500 enemies.
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Kill first sentinel.
F-Droid Hat F-Droid Hat
A funky hat for F-Droid.
Way of the Flamingo Way of the Flamingo
Completed the tutorial.
Overdrive Master Overdrive Master
Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive.
Who needs health? Who needs health?
Less than 10 health pickups used.
Flamingod Flamingod
Complete the game with killing all Guardians the first time.