Fate: The Cursed King Achievement List

Dungeon raiders Dungeon raiders
An adventure by yourself is not the best. Recruit some friends to complete your quest
Master enchanter Master enchanter
Keep enchanting to get better. Well known is that practice makes perfect.
Gem greedy Gem greedy
Gems are hard to acquire. You won´t get these because they´re mine.
Big time hunter Big time hunter
I am gonna get my prey ….it´s best for you to run away
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master
Dangerous places ahead of me, every path must I reveal.
Gold digger Gold digger
One golden coin is not enough, getting fifty is a better reward.
The inmortal The inmortal
Three great monsters, I will defy… I shall not die on my first try
On Duty On Duty
You will gain some gold and fame, completing quests along the way
Lone wolf Lone wolf
Wolves usually hunt in packs, but not this wolf, as alone he walks.
Friends for life Friends for life
Friends since the day we were born, stay with me to fight them all.