Fast & Furious: Showdown Achievement List

Chapter 1 Complete Chapter 1 Complete
Complete Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Complete Chapter 2 Complete
Complete Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Complete Chapter 3 Complete
Complete Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Complete Chapter 4 Complete
Complete Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Complete Chapter 5 Complete
Complete Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Complete Chapter 6 Complete
Complete Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Complete Chapter 7 Complete
Complete Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Complete Chapter 8 Complete
Complete Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Complete Chapter 9 Complete
Complete Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Complete Chapter 10 Complete
Complete Chapter 10
Fast and Furious Fast and Furious
Complete Every Mission
Is It Safe? Is It Safe?
Complete the Rio Heist Mission in under 190 seconds
Saboteur Saboteur
Take out the convoy in under 210 seconds in the Mexico Convoy Sabotage Mission
Out of Sight Out of Sight
Don’t let the helicopter call for reinforcements in the LA Cop Pursuit Misson
Disposal Expert Disposal Expert
Don’t allow a single bomb to go off in the LA Tanker Heist Mission
Not a Scratch! Not a Scratch!
Don’t let the towed car take a single bit of damage in the Buenos Aires Transport mission
Racing Line Racing Line
Complete the Rio Pursuit mission in under 165 seconds
Booby Trap Booby Trap
Use the mines at the end of the tunnel to wreck the pursuing gang cars
Express Delivery Express Delivery
Deliver all cargo in under 110 seconds in the Hong Kong Courier mission
Blast Radius Blast Radius
Take out 5 enemies with exploding barrels in the Siberia Assault mission
Double Flip Double Flip
Flip a single car twice without letting it touch the ground in the Moscow Flip Car Battle Mission
Level 1 Gold Level 1 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 1 Challenges
Level 2 Gold Level 2 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 2 Challenges
Level 3 Gold Level 3 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 3 Challenges
Level 4 Gold Level 4 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 4 Challenges
Level 5 Gold Level 5 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 5 Challenges
Level 6 Gold Level 6 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 6 Challenges
Level 7 Gold Level 7 Gold
Win Gold on all Playlist 7 Challenges
Challenge Gold Challenge Gold
Win Gold in all Challenges
Perfect Driving Perfect Driving
Complete a driver-enabled mission or challenge without hitting an obstacle or vehicle or switching characters
Test Driver Test Driver
Use every available vehicle at least once to complete any mission/challenge
Drift King Drift King
Drift 500m in a single manoeuvre
Go the Distance Go the Distance
Drive 500 Miles
Experimental Experimental
Try out every mod at least once
Paint Job Paint Job
Customise the look of a vehicle and take it for a spin
Turbocharged Turbocharged
Expend 100 N20 Tanks
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Complete a gunman-enabled mission or challenge with 100% accuracy
Weapon Master Weapon Master
Kill an enemy using every type of weapon
Car Crusher Car Crusher
Wreck 500 vehicles by any means
Hollywood Stuntman Hollywood Stuntman
Complete a stuntman-enabled mission without falling to the ground
Driver Level 50 Driver Level 50
Reach Driver Level 50