Farlight Explorers Achievement List

Singularity Gate Foundation Singularity Gate Foundation
You have started to build the Singularity Gate.
Singularity Gate Completed Singularity Gate Completed
Congratulations!!, You have completed the Singularity Gate and finished the game.
Mineral Extractor Completed Mineral Extractor Completed
You have started to extract resources automatically.
Spaceship Core Deployed Spaceship Core Deployed
Your Spaceship is prepared to fly.
Automatic Turret Deployed Automatic Turret Deployed
Now the base is safe.
Laboratory computer ready. Laboratory computer ready.
All researchs are ready to be researched.
Oil Pump Deployed Oil Pump Deployed
Go to the Stars is now possible.
Electronic Components Factory fully operational. Electronic Components Factory fully operational.
Ready to produce the next gen computers.