Extreme Exorcism Achievement List

Exorcist Exorcist
Complete Arcade mode
Grand Tour Grand Tour
Unlock all rooms
Extreme Exorcist Extreme Exorcist
Defeat the final boss without losing a life!
Unchallenged Unchallenged
Complete all challenges
It's a Party! It’s a Party!
Manage to amass thirty ghosts on-screen!
Bull's Eye Bull’s Eye
Kill five ghosts with one harpoon
Demolition Man Demolition Man
Kill ten ghosts with one explosion
This House is Clean! This House is Clean!
Exorcise ten ghosts at once
Take that, Physics! Take that, Physics!
Jump on five big bullets in one round
Full Arsenal Full Arsenal
Unlock all weapons
Necromancer Necromancer
Die 1000 times!
Ghostblaster Ghostblaster
Kill a total of 1000 ghosts!
Dead Eye Dead Eye
Finish five rounds without missing a shot