Euro Fishing Achievement List

What A Beauty! What A Beauty!
Caught your first fish
I'm Hooked I’m Hooked
Caught 50 fish
Big Haul Big Haul
Caught 100 fish
Way of the Roach Way of the Roach
Caught 50 Roach
Specimen Roach Hunter Specimen Roach Hunter
Caught a specimen Roach
Carp-tastic Carp-tastic
Caught 50 Carp
Specimen Carp Hunter Specimen Carp Hunter
Caught a specimen Carp
Getting Tench Getting Tench
Caught 50 Tench
Specimen Tench Hunter Specimen Tench Hunter
Caught a specimen Tench
Living the Bream Living the Bream
Caught 50 Bream
Specimen Bream Hunter Specimen Bream Hunter
Caught a specimen Bream
Top Cat Top Cat
Caught 50 Catfish
Specimen Catfish Hunter Specimen Catfish Hunter
Caught a specimen Catfish
Lake Monster Hunter Lake Monster Hunter
Caught a fish over 40 kg (90 lbs)
Mugged Right Off Mugged Right Off
Lost 25 fish