E.T. Armies Achievement List

Survival of Desert Survival of Desert
Survive the Desert and escape with your teammates
Unfortunate Surprise Unfortunate Surprise
Destroy the last energy source
Long lasting Gate Long lasting Gate
Help Ashkan and escape the swarm of enemies
Full power ahead Full power ahead
Destroy the enemy defense around energy square
2 soldiers and a wagon 2 soldiers and a wagon
Work with Ashkan to escape enemies in wagon railway
Lone warrior Lone warrior
Destroy all the flying drones on the broken train
Last man standing Last man standing
Survive till the HQ sends you a train to reach the Center tower
Victories old commander Victories old commander
Under command of FARHAD clear your path and enter the center tower
Unseen Ambush Unseen Ambush
Kill all spaceships on roof and make your way to your allies
Last mission Last mission
Place bomb on all energy pillars and clear the area
The last Escape The last Escape
Escape the mothership on time before it blowup
Parsis fighter Parsis fighter
Finish the game on Easy Level
Parsis warrior Parsis warrior
Finish the game on Normal level
Parsis Vanguard Parsis Vanguard
Finish the game on Brutal level
The ultimate Vanguard The ultimate Vanguard
Finish the game on Brutal level without dying
Absolute nationalism Absolute nationalism
Only use Parsis weapons to finish the game
Massacre Massacre
Kill 5 enemies with an explosion
Only for the head Only for the head
Headshot 200 enemies in the game
Pistol GOD Pistol GOD
Kill at least half of enemies with pistol!
Only bullet to kill Only bullet to kill
Kill all enemies on The roof with Gatling turrets
Absolute accuracy Absolute accuracy
NEVER miss a shot and finish the game