Escargot Kart Achievement List

The Dizzy Dude The Dizzy Dude
Flipping ten times will probably make you dizzy.
Flight Flight
Landed a thousand or more meter jump.
Yellow Yellow
Collected all the yellow stars.
Red Red
Collected all the red stars.
Purple Purple
Collected all the purple stars.
Grand Grand
Colleced all the grand stars.
All Equipment All Equipment
Purchased 12 pieces of equipment.
Bird Catcher Bird Catcher
Hit a bird.
Fish Doctor Fish Doctor
Hit a fish.
Cow Tipper Cow Tipper
Tipped a cow.
Fire Walker Fire Walker
Hopped around on lava.
Carlos Carlos
Hit a bullseye with Carlos.
Fred Fred
Hit a bullseye with Fred.
RMT2000 RMT2000
Hit a bullseye with RMT2000.
Invader Invader
Hit a bullseye with Invader.
Boomstick Boomstick
Hit the entire target.
50 In Round 50 In Round
Collected 50 coins in one round.
Bandz make'em Dance Bandz make’em Dance
Collected 5000 coins.
The Finisher The Finisher
Finished 100 times.
Amish Fever Amish Fever
Finished without using any equipment.