Escape Goat Achievement List

Mercy Mercy
Beat The Darkest Pits Room 4 without harming any Reapers.
Undetected Undetected
Beat The Crypt Room 5 without waking the Gargoyles.
Clean Annihilation Clean Annihilation
Beat Lost City Room 5 destroying all reapers, but without disturbing the central stack of blocks.
Goat Squeeze Goat Squeeze
Beat room Engine of Insanity Room 3 before the stone block falls to the floor.
Precision Timing Precision Timing
Beat room Limestone Quarry Room 1 without activating any Skull Switches.
Keel Hauled Keel Hauled
Beat room Electric Lab Room 3 without touching any of the top four switches.
Cheese Cheese
Beat room The Final Path Room 1 without touching any switches or skulls.
Daredevil Daredevil
Beat The Final Path Room 9 without destroying all TNT blocks.
Laziness Laziness
Beat Frozen Cavern Room 4 with 5 Ice Blocks remaining.
Alternate Path Alternate Path
Beat Frozen Cavern Room 5 without touching any of the Skull Switches.
Smooth Smooth
Beat Ruins of Red Clay Room 1 without touching the Skull Switch.
Annihilation 1 Annihilation 1
Beat The Darkest Pits Room 5 destroying all Reapers.
Annihilation 2 Annihilation 2
Beat Engine of Insanity Room 4 destroying all Reapers.
Savior Savior
Complete The Final Path.
Conqueror Conqueror
Visit each room in the Prison of Agnus.
Speed Runner Speed Runner
Complete the Prison of Agnus in under 45 minutes.