Eryi’s Action Achievement List

Game Cleared Game Cleared
Clear Eryi’s Action.
Jewel Collector Jewel Collector
Collect all the jewels.
Gamer Gamer
Clear EX mode.
Metal Dished Metal Dished
Be defeated by a metal dish.
Stripped Stripped
Be defeated and declothed.
Hot Hot
Be defeated by hot water.
Burnt Burnt
Be defeated by burning.
Fished Fished
Be defeated by fish-ramming.
Snowballed Snowballed
Be rolled into a snowball.
Frozen Frozen
Be frozen solid.
Electrocuted Electrocuted
Be electrocuted.
Snowmanned Snowmanned
Become a snowman.
Twinkle, Twinkled Twinkle, Twinkled
Become a star.
Sprinkler Sprinkler
Drop a sprinkler in a spa.
Goal Crusher Goal Crusher
Destroy a goal flag.
Birds Birds
Collect too many birds.
Blocklike Blocklike
Hit a certain block too many times.
Fake Block Fake Block
Hit a spiky block.
Challenger Challenger
Dodge the 3rd attack to the left.
Swimmer Swimmer
Swim through the middle of some water.
Abducter Abducter
Go into Kerota’s house.
Fire Fire
Pick up a fiery ghost.
Fast Fast
Win easily.
Ice Explosion Ice Explosion
Make a freezing device explode in the water.
Blocklike 2 Blocklike 2
Activate the secret spinning block.
Special Attack Special Attack
Enter a command in the Artie fight.
Spikes Spikes
Reset encroaching spikes.
Electrobolt Electrobolt
Activate the electrobolt.
Hidden Floor Hidden Floor
Enter a hidden floor.
Self-destructed Self-destructed
Self-destruct in the Final Stage.
Stage 0 Stage 0
Clear Stage 0.
Super Player Super Player
Clear EX mode with no defeats!