Epigenesis Achievement List

Airborne! Airborne!
Stay airborne for 15 seconds.
Splash Damage Splash Damage
Hit 3 players with one shot from the projectile based weapon.
Longshot Longshot
Score a goal from a long distance.
Marksman Marksman
Make 10 consecutive hits with the railgun.
Promode, activated! Promode, activated!
Win 500 games!
Tactician Tactician
Use every pickup in one life.
Iron Defence Iron Defence
Grab the ball with a melee hit while the enemy is on your goal platform.
Hattrick! Hattrick!
Score three goals in one match.
Desecrate Argos Homelands Desecrate Argos Homelands
Win as Omani 10 times on Argos Arena.
Desecrate Omani Homelands Desecrate Omani Homelands
Win as Argos 10 times on Omani Arena.