Epic Cards Battle(TCG) Achievement List

New Adventurer New Adventurer
Win a battle in campaign
I Like To Challenge I Like To Challenge
Complete a campaign quest in Hard difficulty
Defeat Boss Defeat Boss
Complete a Boss campaign quest
Stars Chaser Stars Chaser
Achieved 100 stars in campaign
Complete all campaign quests in Hard difficulty
First Blood First Blood
Win a battles in global match
PVP Novice PVP Novice
Win 20 battles in global match
PVP Hobbyist PVP Hobbyist
Win 100 battles in global match
PVP Expert PVP Expert
Win 250 battles in global match
PVP Master PVP Master
Win 500 battles in global match
Quick Mode Player Quick Mode Player
Win 5 battles in quick mode
Pro Mode Player Pro Mode Player
Win 5 battles in pro mode
Hardcore Mode Player Hardcore Mode Player
Win 5 battles in hardcore mode
Small Pocket Small Pocket
Possess 10 distinct cards
Large Pocket Large Pocket
Possess 20 distinct cards
Strategy Expert Strategy Expert
Possess 50 distinct cards
Strategy Master Strategy Master
Possess 100 distinct cards
Decent Deck Decent Deck
Reach 5% of enhancing rate
Powerful Powerful
Reach 15% of enhancing rate
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Reach 30% of enhancing rate
New Buddy New Buddy
Add a friend
For Glory For Glory
Join a guild
Card Enhancer Card Enhancer
Enhance a card to level 10
Card Evolver Card Evolver
Evolve a card
Fast Learner Fast Learner
Complete all lessons in academy
Collector Collector
Unlocks 50 arts in gallery
Apprentice Apprentice
Reach Level 5
Apprentice Summoner Apprentice Summoner
Reach Level 10
The Summoner[3rd class] The Summoner[3rd class]
Reach Level 30
The Summoner[2nd class] The Summoner[2nd class]
Reach Level 35
The Summoner[1st class] The Summoner[1st class]
Reach Level 40
Summoner Master Summoner Master
Reach Level 60
Legendary Summoner Legendary Summoner
Reach Level 65
Epic Summoner Epic Summoner
Reach Level 70
Hello World Hello World
Send a chat message
Mission Complete Mission Complete
Complete a daily mission
Shopper Shopper
Buy any item in shop
Card Crafter Card Crafter
Craft a new card successfully
Researcher Researcher
Watch a battle replay of your own
Observer Observer
Watch a live battle between other players
Lucky Lucky
Win a global match under condition “Extinction”
Patience Patience
Win a global match under condition “Time Out”
Good Start Good Start
Win a Ladder battle
Cyber Athlete Cyber Athlete
Ranked in Ladder TOP 100 and get rewards