Entropy Rising Achievement List

Collector Collector
Collect a construction block.
Obstructionist Obstructionist
Collect all construction blocks.
Play with Fire Play with Fire
Startle a lava thrower.
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Startle all lava throwers.
Art Lover Art Lover
Find a hidden painting.
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur
Find all hidden paintings.
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Finish Entropy Rising.
Reincarnation Reincarnation
Revert death.
It’s a Trap It’s a Trap
You meet expectations
Grabber Grabber
Get the Grabber.
Gravigun Gravigun
Upgrade from Grabber to Gravigun.
Kindergarten Kindergarten
You find the place where the small spheres grow into big spheres.
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker
Collect half of all construction blocks.
Agony Agony
Die in all ways possible.
Fireworks Fireworks
Startle 3 lava throwers in quick succession and survive.
Burst the Bubble Burst the Bubble
Die from a gravi-bubble or its contents.
Save your friend Save your friend
Find a way to save what you grew fond of.
Budget Specialist Budget Specialist
Use the minimum number of Gravi-bubbles for each level.
Roadrunner Roadrunner
Beat the time minimum for each level
Forward Thinker Forward Thinker
Complete each level without using time reverse.
Survivalist Survivalist
Complete each level without dying.
Completionist Completionist
Achieve a 3 Star Rating for each level.
Arsonist Arsonist
Startle half of all lava throwers.
Art Collector Art Collector
Find half of all hidden paintings.
Curious Curious
Start a game with a levelpack downloaded from the steam Workshop.