ENKI Achievement List

A clueless escape A clueless escape
You survived, but evil continues to chase you.
Better keep running Better keep running
Safe, for now. Right?
Freedom! Freedom!
Never visiting basements again.
Victory! Victory!
Peace & Justice has been granted.
Summoning complete Summoning complete
I am become Death, Destroyer of worlds.
Harvesting your blood Harvesting your blood
The grim reaper collects
Cutting it close Cutting it close
Pushing your luck…
Houdini Houdini
Not even prison could hold you.
Psychological profile Psychological profile
The past creeps into the present.
Bringing closure Bringing closure
These people aren’t missing anymore…
Black Bible Scholar Black Bible Scholar
The taint of hate lingers
Morbid Collector Morbid Collector
Search and you shall find
Hightech occultism Hightech occultism
Science & Satan = bad news
Fluent in alchemy Fluent in alchemy
Hieroglyphics is easy in comparison.
Open sesame Open sesame
Alchemists rejoice