Endless Burst Achievement List

Ready to Go Ready to Go
Unlock all ships
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes
Complete the first mission
Warrior Warrior
Complete mission 8
Conqueror Conqueror
Complete mission 16
Destroyer Destroyer
Defeat 1000 enemies
Eradicator Eradicator
Defeat 10000 enemies
Lost Lost
Unlock the Lost modifier
Volatile Volatile
Unlock the Volatile modifier
Minions Minions
Unlock the Minions modifier
Royal Guard Royal Guard
Unlock the Royal Guard modifier
Rugged Rugged
Unlock the Rugged modifier
Celerity Celerity
Unlock the Celerity modifier
Obliterate Obliterate
Unlock the Obliterate modifier
Promotion Promotion
Unlock the Promotion modifier
Greed Greed
Unlock the Greed modifier
Brittle Brittle
Unlock the Brittle modifier
Champion Champion
Complete a custom challenge of level 5 or higher with all modifiers enabled