Empty Soul – S&S Edition Achievement List

Once upon a time... Once upon a time…
Every story begins with a name…
Hey! You are a smart one! Hey! You are a smart one!
Read the entire game book!
Item collector Item collector
Get your first item.
Away from the dark Away from the dark
Get the lamp and be careful!
Puzzle genius Puzzle genius
You gotta be kidding me?!
You're a coward! You’re a coward!
Save more than 15 times!
Interested girl Interested girl
All the money to the pockets!
Dance, dance... Dance, dance…
What the hell was that?!
Nectar of gods! Nectar of gods!
Lets try this Ambrosia…
A fairy?! Where?! A fairy?! Where?!
I think I saw a fairy with this drink.
Out of the hole Out of the hole
Complete Chapter 1 – Ephemeral.
Over and out! Over and out!
Use the WalkieTalkie more than 10 times!
The Man with the Hat. The Man with the Hat.
Complete Cross’ sidequest.
Remember Me Remember Me
Complete Chapter 2 – Memories.
A painful story... A painful story…
Collect all the diary pages.
Return to the nightmare. Return to the nightmare.
Yes. You are baaaaack…
Attack attack! Attack attack!
It’s the BOOM!
Run from death Run from death
How many times did it get you?
Gem eyes Gem eyes
The dead eyes now see the future.
Past secrets Past secrets
Visit the lab in the sewers.
Costumer Costumer
Visit Jim Jungle Store!
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Not…precisely Lara Croft.
Surprise! Surprise!
A city model? You didn’t see that coming.
Past Memories Past Memories
You can’t go home again.
Petrified Petrified
You…waited too long.
Saviour Saviour
You acted quickly!
Hacker Hacker
You got the password? Good!
Trickmaster Trickmaster
A safe…? Beware of the Lost Number!
Storyteller Storyteller
The lady is watching you…always.
Chemist Chemist
It’s all about the chemistry.
Blood palace Blood palace
Blood, blood everywhere!
Empty Triad Empty Triad
This is not Dollet city!
Carnival corpse Carnival corpse
Not the best place to be…
Hallucinations Hallucinations
What…did just happen?
Truth revealed Truth revealed
You know the truth…or maybe not?
My promise... My promise…
Complete Chapter 3 – Promise!
Telepong Telepong
The classics never get old…
Master player Master player
Collect all the EmptyTriad cards!
Enjoying the show? Enjoying the show?
Visited all the memories…
Coin wizard Coin wizard
You did what?! WITH WHAT?!
Gunner Gunner
Hey! Careful with that weapon!
Snake eater Snake eater
Snakes don’t belong in Alaska.
The Dark side of the Moon The Dark side of the Moon
Cuz’ nothing interesting happens in our side.
Insanity Insanity
The root of all the mystery.
Forgiveness? Forgiveness?
Will you ever forget to remember?
Destiny? Destiny?
The man who lost everything…
The real you... The real you…
You know what they say about the mind.
Sacrifices Sacrifices
You got the…normal ending?
White room White room
Alternate ending? What?
Realities Realities
Hey! Where’s the UFO?!