Empires Of Creation Achievement List

Born Explorer Born Explorer
Explore every star in the galaxy
Being a D1ck Being a D1ck
Have negative relations with every empire
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Triumph in a battle where your odds of winning are below 25%
Complete Annihalation Complete Annihalation
Destroy 100 enemy fleets
First Encounter First Encounter
Accept an objective from another race
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest
Have 2 objectives from empires that are at war with eachother
Starting on a High Note Starting on a High Note
Finish the Tutorial
A Place to Call Home A Place to Call Home
Colonize your first Capital
Democracy™ Democracy™
Start your first Expansion Colony
Completely Inept Completely Inept
Lose one of your own ships through stupidity
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Destroy one of your own ships
Dangerous Elitist Dangerous Elitist
Upgrade one of your ships to the highest tier
Star Treker Star Treker
Travel over 3 light years
Pea Shooter Pea Shooter
Kill a Tier 3 ship with a Tier 1 ship