Emily is Away Achievement List

2002 2002
Complete Chapter 1
2003 2003
Complete Chapter 2
2004 2004
Complete Chapter 3
2005 2005
Complete Chapter 4
2006 2006
Complete Chapter 5
Write Some Fiction Write Some Fiction
Use the Elegy for a Dead World Icon
Best Friends with Gabe Best Friends with Gabe
Use the Half-Life Icon
Stanley didn't unlock this Stanley didn’t unlock this
Use the Stanley Parable Icon
Hyrule Messenger Hyrule Messenger
Use the Zelda Icon
Sole Survivor Sole Survivor
Use the Fallout Icon
Friendliness Petals for All Friendliness Petals for All
Use the Undertale Icon
Much Unlock, Very Wow Much Unlock, Very Wow
Use the Doge Icon
Oh wow, What an achievement. Oh wow, What an achievement.
Use the Kappa Icon
Binding of Instant Messengers Binding of Instant Messengers
Use the Isaac Icon
Icefrog, Please Nerf Icefrog, Please Nerf
Use the Dota Icon
Vid Spilum Endalaust Vid Spilum Endalaust
Use the Sigur Ros Icon
Nyanyanyan Nyanyanyan
Use the Nyan Cat Icon
This Achievement is a Lie This Achievement is a Lie
Use the Portal Icon
Use the John Cena Icon