Ember Strike Achievement List

Journey Begins Journey Begins
Learn to fight!
Party Time Party Time
Fight with two minions!
Defeat Agnar Defeat Agnar
Convince Agnar to join your team!
Mini Boss Mini Boss
Beat the mini boss to unlock PVP!
Boss - Fang Boss – Fang
Defeat Fang and save the Village!
Mini Boss - Berserker Mini Boss – Berserker
Beat the raging orc!
Boss - Chairman Bao Boss – Chairman Bao
Defeat Chairman Bao and save the valley!
Mini Boss - Little Hands Mini Boss – Little Hands
Beat Chief Little Hands!
Boss - The Conjurer Boss – The Conjurer
Defeat the Conjurer!
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron
Train a minion to level 3!
All Together All Together
Train a party to level 3!
Well Trained Well Trained
Train a party to level 10!
Full Power Full Power
Get your fifth minion!
PVP Time PVP Time
Win your first PVP match!
King of the Seas! King of the Seas!
Win a PVP match with Fang!