Ego Protocol Achievement List

Tremors Tremors
Clear World 1: Mines
Science! Science!
Clear World 2: Science Lab
Engineering 101 Engineering 101
Clear World 3: Workshop
Yessir! Yessir!
Clear World 4: Officers’ Deck
Contact Contact
Clear World 5: Mainframe
Good start Good start
Clear 15 stages
We have to go deeper We have to go deeper
Clear 30 stages
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Clear 45 stages
Otherside Otherside
Clear 60 stages
Dig deep Dig deep
Perfect clear World 1: Mines
Einstein Einstein
Perfect clear World 2: Science Lab
Spare parts Spare parts
Perfect clear World 3: Workshop
Sir, yes sir! Sir, yes sir!
Perfect clear World 4: Officers’ Deck
Dave, stop. Dave, stop.
Perfect clear World 5: Mainframe
Challenger Challenger
Perfect clear 15 stages
You are not prepared You are not prepared
Perfect clear 30 stages
Mental breakdown Mental breakdown
Perfect clear 45 stages
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Perfect clear 60 stages
Graduate Graduate
Finish the tutorial
Collector Collector
Collect 10 Ego Fragments
Gatherer Gatherer
Collect 100 Ego Fragments
Hoarder Hoarder
Collect 1000 Ego Fragments
Take five Take five
Collect 5 Time-Stoppers
Take twenty Take twenty
Collect 20 Time-Stoppers
We have to go back! We have to go back!
Collect 100 Time-Stoppers
You, robot You, robot
Kill 5 Robots
Peacemaker Peacemaker
Kill 50 Robots
Blade runner Blade runner
Kill 500 Robots
Lockpicker Lockpicker
Open 5 Blast Doors
Blast'em Blast’em
Open 20 Blast Doors
Master Blaster Master Blaster
Open 100 Blast Doors
Is it safe? Is it safe?
Teleport 5 times
Jumper Jumper
Teleport 20 times
Beam me up Beam me up
Teleport 100 times
One more chance One more chance
Die 5 times
Die hard Die hard
Die 50 times
Highlander Highlander
Die 500 times
Wat Wat
Die 5 times on a Mine
Sapper Sapper
Die 20 times on a Mine
Minesweeper Minesweeper
Die 100 times on a Mine
Space walk Space walk
Fall out of stage
Knock, knock Knock, knock
Get stuck
Don't rush me Don’t rush me
Run for 10 seconds
I said, don't rush me I said, don’t rush me
Run from start to exit
Sniper Sniper
Kill a robot from far away
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Kill a robot from very far away
Base Jump Base Jump
Fall from a high place
Pacifist Pacifist
Clear a stage without shooting enemies
Take your time Take your time
Clear a stage in over 500s
Rolling Rolling
Walk through a tile with a cannon without stopping
Slow learner Slow learner
Die in the tutorial
Loremaster Loremaster
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