Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Achievement List

Cellfree Cellfree
Escape from paded cell!
Copyhurtress Copyhurtress
Where does Oscar live?
Fälscherin Fälscherin
Learn to copy Dr.Marcel’s signature!
Exchangeress Exchangeress
Can I have yours?
King of recreation room King of recreation room
Defeat king Adrian!
Escapress Escapress
Smell sweet freedom!
Polisheress Polisheress
They both shall shine!
Waterplacer Waterplacer
Where put the dwarfes all the cups?
Workeress Workeress
Does this work with the lever? Or the bulletin?
Liftgirl Liftgirl
A new home?
Tubeslasher Tubeslasher
Ban Ki-Moon, the tyre, his bill and her wrench.
Handycapress Handycapress
Storks will be taken by strange birds!
Smal Mucky Pup Smal Mucky Pup
All tables, all sinks, all doctor’s!
Big Litterbug Big Litterbug
And additionally a hand full of furniture!
Comic Nerd Comic Nerd
Captain Useless knows what to do!
Moonlighter Moonlighter
Poor man in the moon!
Lady of Keys Lady of Keys
One Key to rule them all!
Déjà-vu Déjà-vu