Edge of Twilight – Return To Glory Achievement List

A Destiny Discovered A Destiny Discovered
What next for Lex?
Massacre Massacre
Kill every Tainted
Garbage Disposal I Garbage Disposal I
Kill a Jiankra in less than 10 minutes
Speed Kill I Speed Kill I
Kill 5 Tainted in less than 5 minutes
Blind Rage Blind Rage
Kill 3 consecutive Tainted whilst using Ether Fury
Executioner Executioner
Perform 50 Finishing Moves
Scavenger Scavenger
Find 5 Lithern artifacts
Scholar Scholar
Research every book in the Library
Tracking Tracking
You’ve got a nose for the hunt
Speed Kill II Speed Kill II
Kill 10 Valmin in less than 60 seconds
Garbage Disposal II Garbage Disposal II
Kill 10 Wolthern in less than 10 minutes