Edgar Achievement List

Flying troubles Flying troubles
Learned how to fly!
Can o' Hero Can o’ Hero
Defeated Can o’ Bomb
Under trouble Under trouble
Passed half of the underwater planet! Take a time to breathe!
Inverse! Inverse!
Learned how to inverse gravity itself!
Mecha no mistake Mecha no mistake
Defeated Metal Edgar
Sticky! Sticky!
Passed half of the candy planet! It’s a pitty that Edgar is diabetic 🙁
Pop! Pop!
Defeated Groody
Feel the breeze Feel the breeze
Learned how to surf!
Shark bait Shark bait
Defeated Lava Shark
Glorified Glorified
The end is near…
And justice for all! And justice for all!
Defeated Raguel
Castle crusher Castle crusher
Sirus castle was easy, now fight him!
The end? The end?
Defeated Sirus….. for real?
The invasion began! The invasion began!
Made your way out of the first virus invasion
Sea of sickness Sea of sickness
Made your way out of the second virus invasion
Saw what you did there! Saw what you did there!
Made your way out of the third virus invasion
Take a bite Take a bite
Made your way out of the fourth virus invasion
Too hot Too hot
Made your way out of the fifth virus invasion
Crucified Crucified
Made your way out of the sixth virus invasion
Hero Hero
Passed the real Sirus castle
The real end The real end
Defeated Sirus… for real!