Echo of the Wilds Achievement List

Master Mixery Extraordinaire Master Mixery Extraordinaire
Mix up a batch of every mixery recipe, in a single game.
Founding of Forsaken Tales Founding of Forsaken Tales
Find and unify all lost diary entries.
Talismanic Piece Collator Talismanic Piece Collator
You feel… moxie? Don’t you?
Summer Steamings Summer Steamings
Gosh, I made it to Summer…
Autumn Fall Autumn Fall
Golly, I made it to Autumn…
Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland
Golly gosh, I made it to Winter…
Releasing Gateway Releasing Gateway
Unlock the jungles gateway.
Absolutely Fabulous Absolutely Fabulous
Strutt the wilds wearing all regalia, in a single game.
It Begins It Begins
I actually played the game for more than 5 minutes…
Scouting Fulfilment Scouting Fulfilment
Discover every wildly area, in a single game.
Amulet Acquirer Amulet Acquirer
Pickup all enchanted amulets, in a single game.
IKEA Junkie IKEA Junkie
Build all camp upgrades, in a single game.