Earth Under Siege Achievement List

Full Power Full Power
Built only Missile, Machine gun or Mine turrets in the first 30 minutes
Easy going Easy going
Reach the 20 minute mark with four or more different turret types
Cold Blood Cold Blood
Survive without turrets for 7 and a half minutes
Raw destruction Raw destruction
Reach the 25 minute mark without evolving a turret
Handy capped Handy capped
Survive 15 minutes without using the keyboard
Twenty-Four Twenty-Four
Play with all 24 turrets at least once
Skillful Skillful
Survive 10 minutes without using skills
Intercepted Intercepted
Destroy 20.000 interceptors
Heavy Destruction Heavy Destruction
Destroy 1.000 Heavy Interceptors
Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer
Destroy 10.000 Clusters
Black Ink Black Ink
Destroy 500 Smokes
Surprise! Surprise!
Destroy 250 Spawners
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
Destroy 15.000 Asteroids
Get off of me Get off of me
Repel 750 Immortals
Armaggeddon Armaggeddon
Use the Nuke 200 times
Faster! Faster!
Use EnergySurge 400 times
Quad-Damage Quad-Damage
Use Overpower 400 times
Gimme More Power! Gimme More Power!
Upgrade turrets 1.000 times
Duck Season! Fire! Duck Season! Fire!
Reflect 1.000.000 shots
Green War Green War
Recycle 2.000 turrets
Hi-Potion Hi-Potion
Regenerate 10.000.000 HP
So many choices So many choices
Unlock every single turret and evolution
Stay! Stay!
Stun 150 Immortals
Survivor Survivor
Play the Survival 100 times
Lime jelly Lime jelly
Destroy 250 Turret Killers before they drop their green bubble
Good start Good start
Survive 6 minutes without taking damage
Carried! Carried!
Defeat the Carrier without getting hit by it
Not So Heavy Not So Heavy
Play the Survival mode for more than 25 minutes taking no damage from Heavy Interceptors
Puff Puff
Play the Survival mode for more than 25 minutes taking no damage from Asteroids
Takoyaki Takoyaki
Defeat the Tentacle under 50 seconds
I will Survive! I will Survive!
Survive 50 minutes on Survival
Licensed to kill Licensed to kill
Complete all Training stages
Smokes and mirrors Smokes and mirrors
Defeat Level 2 Teleporter
I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am
Get bronze / silver / gold medal on the leaderboard
Lens of Truth Lens of Truth
Defeat the Hologram without hitting any of his illusions
Denied! Denied!
Take no lasers from the Teleporter
Ranked! Ranked!
Get ranked on top 500