Dustbowl Achievement List

Pugilist Pugilist
Kill 20 enemies with your fists.
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Kill 50 enemies with pistols.
Hunter Hunter
Kill 50 enemies using .22 rifles.
Gunrunner Gunrunner
Kill 50 enemies using 7.62mm rifles.
Roadkill Cuisine Roadkill Cuisine
Cook some raw food.
Survivalist Survivalist
Craft an item.
Under The Stars Under The Stars
Rest in a tent.
Master Thief Master Thief
Use 10 Multitools.
Trespasser Trespasser
Explore 50 locations.
Conscription Conscription
Join the Militia.
Bug Collector Bug Collector
Complete the “Bug Collector” side quest.
Bird Catcher Bird Catcher
Complete “Catch A Raven” side quest.
Drugged Up Drugged Up
Complete “A&E” side quest.
Feeding The Vampire Feeding The Vampire
Complete “Blood Drinker” side quest.
The Courier The Courier
Complete “The Mule” side quest.
Lost And Found Lost And Found
Complete “Fallen Soldiers” side quest.
Thieves And Bad Guys Thieves And Bad Guys
Complete “Breaking And Entering” side quest.
High Explosives High Explosives
Complete “Closing The Gap” side quest.
Rain Maker Rain Maker
Complete “The Irrigator” side quest.
Going On A Trip Going On A Trip
Complete “Shrooming” side quest.
Punk Never Dies Punk Never Dies
Complete “Saving A Child” side quest.
Midnight At The Oasis Midnight At The Oasis
Complete “The Oasis” side quest.
Do You Believe? Do You Believe?
Complete “New Roswell” side quest.
Round Up Round Up
Complete “Saving Easter” side quest.
Going Underground Going Underground
Complete “Metro 2044” quest.
Intelligent Design Intelligent Design
Complete “Killing Machine” quest.
Brainwashed Brainwashed
Complete “Controller” side quest.
Making a Union Making a Union
Complete “Forging A Union” quest.
Life Giver Life Giver
Complete “Liquid Gold” quest.
Crossing The Great Unknown Crossing The Great Unknown
Complete “Hazardous Material” quest.
Crime Scenes Crime Scenes
Complete “Northern Exposure” quest.
Vault Dweller Vault Dweller
Complete “Lab X-20” quest.
Give Me Air Give Me Air
Complete “Rebreather” quest.
In Search Of Ghosts In Search Of Ghosts
Complete “Father’s Footsteps” quest.
Hard Target Hard Target
Complete a “Permadeath” run.
Tightwad Tightwad
Have $1000 in your wallet.
Straight Through The Head Straight Through The Head
Make 50 head shots.
Crippling Blows Crippling Blows
Make 50 limb shots.
Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Arrest
Make 50 heart shots.
Scavenger Scavenger
Search 100 objects in the world.
Fixer Upper Fixer Upper
Complete “Tools Of The Trade” side quest.
Gotta Flambé Gotta Flambé
Kill 20 enemies with the flamer.
Hidden Achievement
Open Your Mind Open Your Mind
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Hidden Achievement
Grey Matter Grey Matter
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Gone Home Gone Home
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