Duplexer Achievement List

Finding Your Way Finding Your Way
You have sucessfully finished the first level, tricky isn’t it…..
Pulled a bar Pulled a bar
You did it, you clicked the left mouse button and figured out how the game works.
Ten Down! Ten Down!
Still think you’ve got what it takes?
This game has color? This game has color?
You’ve discovered the secrets of Green and Red.
This goes over here...but how? This goes over here…but how?
There’s more to this game than you thought.
Dunk! Dunk!
This just keeps getting better and better.
These things are fun.
Electricity 101 Electricity 101
Never thought you’d be doing this.
50/50 50/50
It’s not over yet.
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Complete 100 levels in less than 1 hour.
It's all heating up now! It’s all heating up now!
Might want to start being more careful.
All Dimensions! All Dimensions!
So far so good..
No more Mister Nice Duplexer! No more Mister Nice Duplexer!
Not getting any easier
Give up yet? Give up yet?
Not far to go..
Triple Digits! Triple Digits!
100 levels completed, a real achievement.
Going backwards! Going backwards!
Compete level 52 in less than 3 seconds
Thinking on top of the box Thinking on top of the box
Complete level 77 in less than 10 seconds
Threading the needle Threading the needle
Complete level 98 in less than 25 seconds
Bridging the gap! Bridging the gap!
Complete level 17 in less than 17 seconds
s1ck bh0p5 m8 s1ck bh0p5 m8
Complete level 42 in less than 8 seconds
Finishing in style Finishing in style
Finish level 100 with the gravity inverted