Dungetris Achievement List

Former glory Former glory
Build the first castle
A Builder A Builder
Build 100 blocks
A Creator A Creator
Build 1000 blocks
Olimpia construction Olimpia construction
Build 20000 blocks
800 years 800 years
Build 1000 blocks in the Endless mode
A killer A killer
Kill 10 monsters
A chastener A chastener
Kill 50 monsters
A punisher A punisher
Kill 100 monsters
An Elite killer An Elite killer
Kill 5 Elite monsters
An Elite chastener An Elite chastener
Kill 20 Elite monsters
An Elite punisher An Elite punisher
Kill 50 Elite monsters
What's next? What’s next?
Complete the first world
It is just a beginning It is just a beginning
Die for the first time
What Happened?!? What Happened?!?
Die of Astral teleport
Enough Enough
Full hand of cards
In two In two
Break the weapon
Card's force Card’s force
Pump 10 cards in maximum
Deck's force Deck’s force
Pump 20 cards in maximum
More! More!
Gain a new level
Even more! Even more!
Achieve the level 10
Coffer Coffer
Collect 1000 coins
Strange peddles Strange peddles
Collect 50 materials in all time
Cage, hammer and anvil Cage, hammer and anvil
Rescue the smith
Game of death Game of death
Contract with Death
Who is a champion? Who is a champion?
Play in Leaderboard
Builder Builder
Build 100 blocks
Creator Creator
Build 1000 blocks
Olympus erection Olympus erection
Build 4000 blocks
Killer Killer
Kill 10 monsters
Chastener Chastener
Kill 50 monsters
Punisher Punisher
Kill 100 monsters
Elite killer Elite killer
Kill 5 elite monsters
Elite chastener Elite chastener
Kill 20 elite monsters
Elite punisher Elite punisher
Kill 50 elite monsters
Card force Card force
Upgrade 10 cards to max
Deck force Deck force
Upgrade 20 cards to max
Strange stones Strange stones
Collect 50 materials
Who is the champion? Who is the champion?
Complete 3 worlds
Surprise! Surprise!
Kill an Evil Chest
A little fury A little fury
Kill the shopkeeper
Suicidal tendencies Suicidal tendencies
Die in less than 5 seconds
Heavy armor Heavy armor
Kill Loic
Green blood Green blood
Complete High Scaur
Halloween party! Halloween party!
Complete Sleepy Hollow
Kill and unlock Kill and unlock
Open new character